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New song – ‘My Bumble bee friend’

This iPad is my new best friend but I can’t wait to do a proper recording. Aim to do one soon so the class members have a CD of songs they can take home. This song is all about the letter B, with plenty of movement and actions. Click the link to listen.

My Bumble Bee Friend

A new song – ‘Little RockaBilbies’

Bathroom floor could do with a wash but here goes another song. This song introduces Bilbie to the class. Everyone gets to say hello and do some silly actions, (well if you choose.) Click on the link to listen.

Little RockaBilbies

A new song – ‘You and Me’

Spending a lot of time in the bathroom. This is a song still in the making but it’s about Bilbie (our class toy) and how he wants to start a band. The children get to play different instruments and be a part of Bilbie’s band and dream. Click on the link to listen.

You and Me

A new song – ‘I Can Dream’

Once again using the trusty acoustics in the bathroom. This song will be used for a drama and movement activity. Click on the link to listen.

I can dream!!!

A new song – ‘Little Bird Sitting in a Tree’

This is one of the songs I’m preparing for the classes. Recorded in the bathroom singing live into my iPad. It was inspired by some of the amazing mums I know and the lovely things they do for their little ones. Click on the link below to have a listen.

Little bird sitting in a tree