“I would also like to say what I think you’re doing is fantastic. I love the variety of each session and the constants which the kids love! More specifically I love the use of different props which has obviously been well thought out, uncomplicated, educational, developmentally appropriate and come with a range of different sensory experiences AND opportunities for language development!”
Parent and Paediatric Occupational Therapist

“Hi Kristy, Just want to let you know that Ziggy and I thoroughly enjoyed today. You have a magnificent voice and the whole concept is really bang on. What a wonderful thing to look forward to each week. Thankyou!  Liz and Ziggy”

“Love these classes and so does my toddler. He regularly requests to hear the music whilst riding in the car… his favourite song is Bilby.”  Alison and John

“Hello mums and friends around Thornbury. One of my nannying clients has started going to one of these classes and her toddler LOVES it. I know because I was requested to play “More Rockaboobies” about 20 times yesterday while she and her friend danced and sang along. And I enjoyed it too, even for the 20th time.” Moya Maguire

“RockaBilbies has been such fun for both of us, and not only that but a huge boost to Arty’s confidence, social development, and of course his musical skills. Thank you for creating a safe, lively, friendly space for that to happen in. And thank you for writing such excellent songs for us all to enjoy together as a family. ” Ester and Arty

“Dear Kristy, Thank you so much for having us part of the RockaBilbies family. We are really going to miss you, the music and of course the cafe catch up afterwards.”  Love Sarah and Toby

“RockaBilbies was Aiden’s favourite and most rewarding class/activity. I’ve even considered signing up for classes in the hills,” Susan and Aiden.